About APG

APG is a business deal for ownership in the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline that has been negotiated by Aboriginal people. It works like this:

APG borrows money to pay for our share in the pipeline from a group of banks.

Natural gas producers sign long term shipping contracts with the pipeline and pay a fee to transport their gas from the Mackenzie Delta to Alberta.

Just like the other pipeline owner, APG receives its share of the transportation fees after the operating costs of the pipeline have been paid. APG uses a portion of this money to repay the bank loans and the rest is paid as a dividend to shareholders. Our shareholders utilize these dividend payments at their own discretion; APG has no say how the monies are spent.

The more natural gas that is shipped in the pipeline the more APG earns. When the loans are repaid, we could earn substantially more.

About APG

The Aboriginal Pipeline Group was created in 2000 following meetings in Fort Liard and Fort Simpson. Thirty Aboriginal leaders from all regions of the Northwest Territories signed the resolution that created the APG and set its goals. The APG (Aboriginal Pipeline Group) represents the interests of Aboriginal people in the Northwest Territories in maximizing the ownership and benefits in a Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline.

The main reason for creating APG was to offer a new model for Aboriginal participation in the developing economy, to maximize ownership and benefits from a proposed Mackenzie Valley pipeline and to support greater independence and self-reliance among Aboriginal people.

The proposed Mackenzie Gas Project (MGP) is a privately funded venture launched by partners in the energy industry and Aboriginal groups. To complete this project, the Aboriginal Pipeline Group has partnered with Imperial Oil, ConocoPhillips, Shell Canada and ExxonMobil. It is these private sector partners who will build and maintain a pipeline if it is approved and if it is considered commercially viable.

The entire project is expected to cost approximately $7-billion. The Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline is expected to cost about $3.8-billion. When it is in operation, the pipeline will transport, on average, 1.2 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day to southern markets.

The Aboriginal Pipeline Group is a business created and owned by Aboriginal groups in the Northwest Territories, and has secured a right to own one-third of the Mackenzie Valley natural gas pipeline. Filing the pipeline applications is an historic event.

This is the first time that Aboriginal groups in Canada will participate as an owner in a major, multi-billion dollar industrial project.

By being a part of the Mackenzie Gas Project, APG is making history.

A summary of information on the Mackenzie Gas Project is provided on the project website at: www.mackenziegasproject.com